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Sapphire components

Dynamic and innovative, STETTLER SAPPHIRE is continually developing with a workshop dedicated to complex parts and prototypes, enabling it to develop new materials and new features.

Sapphire components
Anti-reflection treatment

STETTLER SAPPHIRE offers to add metallization and anti-reflection treatments to its products in order to increase performance or to functionalize them.

Over the years, STETTLER SAPPHIRE has developed expertise in the bonding of different elements.

Our know-how allows us, for example, to glue magnifying glasses or to assemble sapphire and metal.

With an integrated quality department, STETTLER can carry out measurements and tests on your products.

Research and development

We work continuously to optimise and improve our processes and working methods. This continuous improvement approach allows us to offer new products with a constantly evolving quality..

The R&D team tackles new challenges every day and looks for new ways to make the seemingly impossible possible.

We are happy to advise and support you in your projects and look forward to new challenges.