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Sapphire parts

Since 1881, STETTLER SAPPHIRE has reinvented itself to machine and finish sapphire.

In a modern environment with a dynamic of novelty & innovation, STETTLER SAPPHIRE is an internationally renowned actor in the markets of watch glasses and technical components in synthetic sapphire.

By joining the IMI Group, STETTLER SAPPHIRE has been able to combine its know-how with the other entities, consolidating its leading position in its markets.

STETTLER SAPPHIRE is recruiting, join our team!

As a human-sized production company integrated in an international group, STETTLER SAPPHIRE offers a wide range of jobs.

SAPHIR – Super performance for a high-tech material
Sapphire parts

Sapphire is a synthetic crystalline alumina belonging to the corundum family and is a crystal with the chemical composition AI2O3.