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Our quality management system defines and controls the processes and methods necessary for optimum performance in the sense of the “Swiss level of perfection”.

Our management system in Switzerland and Mauritius is process-oriented and ISO 9001 certified to ensure sustainable improvement of our products.

As a leading Swiss company, we have been awarded the SQS label “Management of sustainable human resources”.

The staff

We train and motivate our employees with environmental issues at the heart of the vision. Everyone has to perform their tasks in an environmentally responsible and respectful manner. We encourage personal initiative within the framework of PAC and reward these efforts.

Commitment to employees
Wind turbine for the environment

Energy aspect

Because our resources are precious, we strive to find solutions that conserve and save the energy consumed by the company.


The use of environmentally friendly resources and raw materials, employment and consumer goods should always be a decisive factor in purchasing, processing and sales activities. For this reason, Stettler favours materials with a recycled content as much as possible. The sorting and collection of production waste follows this approach.

Product inspection

Polluting or harmful products

The introduction and development of new products or processes are studied, as far as possible without pollutants. Existing products are monitored and controlled by the SIBE department. The replacement of existing products with new, less polluting ones is a daily concern.

Data and knowledge

We certify the data and knowledge developed within the framework of the HSE to promote an increase in efficiency through a continuous improvement approach: PDCA: Plan – Do – Check – Act

Commitments to the ESS Framework
Commitment to partners and stakeholders


We prefer suppliers and business partners with a management system that respects the environment and people.

Results and open communication

As part of the environmental management system, we communicate openly with our employees and stakeholders. We promote transparency through an environmental report that is made public on request.


All our products are RoHS & REACH certified.